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Maybe I should have some dinner?

Last things first. HP makes a free app for the iPhone which lets me print photos from the phone to the wireless all-in-one device. As soon as the app was installed it was ready to print. It's a little slow, but the prints look pretty good. Geeksquee!
While T. Rowe Price continues to not understand what a living trust is, despite my sister (who works at their HQ) personally going up to Legal and banging heads, the clearinghouse which handles stock sales for the New Zealand Stock Exchange sent me a letter which gave me the PIN for the trust account, which is now in my name. Email verified I am now authorized to sell the stock. 

Did something which I'd forgotten all about - set up the parental email on my Outlook, unsubscribed to a bevy of mailings. Not as many as before they dumped their Comcast account in favor of gmail (the nursing home did not offer cable, they had some cheap dish setup).
Work was lonely today. Instead of continuing testing on the big TV which we did not get done last week, I was given the one and only working Blu-ray player to beat up on, while the other two members of that team stuck with the TV. I found several show-stopper issues, but some of it may be due to the piece-o-crap eval unit they gave us. We don't get full production units because they don't make them until our work is done, but this one is very sad looking. I'd be ashamed to let anyone outside of the company see it if I worked for that manufacturer.
Hung out at a further away *bux after work, it's bigger, has more comfy seats, more eye candy.
Summer seems to have deserted us again. It's getting cold and blustery well before dark.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether TRP with their 3-hour time difference advantage, comes through.
Will go to Scottrade to have the NZ stocks sold
Happy hour downtown SJ with a photo group just started by one of the better group shoot photographers.

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