Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short weekend

The model was a no-show, so no photo shoot yesterday morning. I went to Japantown anyway to see where the studio is, and glad I did because one photog had not got the news. Also was able to walk through the area reading the historical markers, of which there are many. Made me think things which would be called racist - despite internment and having everything stolen from them,  Japanese-Americans have not become a permanent part of the welfare system. The Chinese also went through major official discrimination here, but same story - they are not a drag on the economy, they have pulled themselves back up. This despite not only needing to learn a new language, but also an alphabet (not an easy concept for character-based writing). Why not other ethnicities? 
Since I was nearby, I drove over to the Discovery park area for the Thai festival, but they were not open yet. Would have liked to stay but had committed to work half a day.
2-6 pm was at work, finished up the project from Friday, but still didn't manage to completely fix my server software. Got closer, though.
Picked up a friend and we went to MVPAC for Lyric Theater's "discovery series" The Dollar Princess, which was delightful and way long. All three leading ladies have amazing voices. The leading men did too, except the main heart throb kept singing to himself - it's a small theater (they were not on the main stage), but he still could not be heard 90% of the time. When he opened up it was grand. 2 pm matinée today, if you read this in time go see it.
This morning closed out one more trust account, but the online site did not give me the option for an electronic transfer, even though they had the bank info on there, so I'll have to wait for a check. Tried to close out a second one (which I'd already got some $ out of but they had a weekly limit) but I need to wait till tomorrow.
Slept in. Domino woke me up by head-butting me and licking my forehead. She wanted the bed to herself.
Ex-boss linked me to his last month photos from Thailand, made me very jealous. His wife is Thai, he finished building a house there a year ago and plans to retire there soon.
I'll be playing this afternoon in Ye Olde Towne Band at Shoup Park in Los Altos (1:30 pm). It's free. No other plans for the day.

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