Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Day

Started the morning at 6:30 on the phone with another of the children at T. Rowe Price trying to get a copy of the opening statement for the trust account which they should have sent with statements for two other parts of that account. Found out that they put the online handling of the trust account under my personal login. Very very wrong. It is not intuitive, the boy had to walk me through six extra clicks to see it.

The good news is it gave me the account number I needed.

Called the life insurance company, apparently they sent a form on the 21st for me to fill out, this after I'd faxed them everything they had asked for on July 6. I should have received it by now. Heck, I should have received a check from them by now.

Work was easy, I'd finished the project on Saturday which was scheduled to finish today. So I got another project, to go through a cart full of many types of devices from a particular manufacturer to see which ones worked and which didn't. Some of them were total junkers, and should never have left the plant.

That done, time to get out and do some banking. Israeli sister got me her wire numbers, so I was able to send her the first round of inheritance money. That felt real good.

Then to Scottrade, which I knew would take an hour, to transfer the T Rowe Price trust assets into the Scottrade trust account. That took some major paper shuffling. And then the easy one, transferring my personal IRA and brokerage accounts from TRP to newly-opened Scottrade accounts. After everything clears, I am writing a letter to TRP's president with the subject line of "How you lost a customer".

Back at work, I was given another machine to work on, but it died when we upgraded it to the new software. So I spent the rest of the afternoon troubleshooting my server and our stand-alone Linux streaming media player.

Got out at 7, zipped down to rehearsals expecting to be walking in late, but we were all cooped up in the green room till 7:40  because the directors decided to audition more people on our rehearsal time. Not cool. Especially after the massive time waste which was auditions.

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