Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two's Day

Yesterday work got off to a slow start because I needed to burn some CDs to update firmware on several devices, but we were out of CD blanks. So I made a Fry's run. But then there was some confusion over which of three versions of the firmware to use. One machine turned into a brick after updating - a brick with a very attractive display. Another just sat there pretending to update forever. Finally got one model to update, but when I ran the tests against the dozen bugs the update was supposed to fix, only three of them had been. So today we'll try a different firmware version, I think.

After work I met one of my old buddies from my last job at a new Thai place for dinner. Lana Thai in the shopping plaza on Camden Ave at Union. Their web page is very well done, but the fancy square plates said $$$. As usual we groused about the troubles of the world, my friend told me how he believes the Twilight phenomenon is due to the rise of Satanism in the US, and that the rise in Satanism is due to human nature. He cited the fact that in the rest of the world, superstitions of daimons and spirits and panoplies of evil gods and goddesses are rife, but our nation's youth have been deprived of that because of our belief in Science. He believes they feel Something Is Missing, and Twilight fills this gap.

The food was excellent, but not Thai. We had garlic prawns, which were prepared by splitting the prawns butterfly style, dipping them in a light batter, rolling them in minced garlic, and baking them. Served over shredded cabbage and carrots, with a sweet sauce on the side. They were slightly overcooked and too chewy but edible. BBQ chicken was served as sliced chicken breast which had a touch of some kind of coating on the edges, also on a bed of  shredded cabbage and carrots, with a sweet sauce on the side. There was nothing BBQ about it, unrecognizable as the "Gai Yang"  of the Northern provinces which the web site claims is their basic cuisine. Totally American, this dish. Edible, though. The highlight was the mango sea bass, the only thing Thai about it was the uncooked mango chunks and roasted cashews. The fish was superb, lightly breaded and probably poached, but in an unidentifiable sauce with uncooked slices of bell pepper (red and green). They did not ask how spicy to make anything, and everything was without spices. My buddy asked for the spices/sauces thing which should have been on the table in the first place, but as this was not really Thai food I didn't use any. I had Thai iced tea, which was made a little too coarse, and he had hot tea which was something generic served in a cute elephant-shaped pot. Bill for the two of us was $60. It would be a great place to take a date for dinner if the date doesn't know anything about Thai food.

Which reminds me, I have taken King of Krung Siam in Mountain View off my list of favorite Thai places. Went there Sunday night, they are putting tomato soup into their dom ka gai (it should be a straight coconut milk base), and they are using some cheap short grained rice similar to basmati instead of the beautiful Thai jasmine rice in their rice dishes (I had the crock pot rice). Also, their 2-star spicy seared all my taste buds off, turned my sinuses into Niagara, and did nasty things to my throat. But some people like that. :-)



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