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Oy, such a day I had today!

Got to work early, there was some documentation I'd put off from last night. It's not paperwork if it's all online, is it? :-)

The device I had been about to pass after watching the pilot for Riverworld with superb video and audio through the whole playback turned around and bit me big-time, several times. And the other member of the team who is working on this model was seeing about the same things. I managed to find a reliable way to crash it, where it came up with a manufacturer's message saying there had been a major system error. This one is being thrown back. Most of my time was spent running through the routine handshaking tests, and it passed most of those. But the important things like not making the customer want to punt it out the window (it's about the size of a flattened football) it isn't getting done.

Lunch was almost an adventure. The box lunch service outdid themselves with beet tacos and beet taco salad. And pepperjack couscous salad. I managed to find a turkey and Havarti sandwich at the bottom of the rack which proved palatable.

No YOTB rehearsal tonight because we just gave a concert, so I went to Babes in Toyland rehearsal instead. Music rehearsal, finally told the director there was nothing low enough for me to sing, so he let me sing down an octave. Much better. Reading the music is a challenge because it is inconsistent. And they have put the words between the treble and bass cleff lines instead of the standard of below the pair of lines. That's when the parts are split, which is not all the time. And to add to the confusion there are two lines below that for the piano, which should not even be in a chorus score. Half the time I find myself reading the alto part, and the other half reading the piano's bass line.

It's going to be interesting to see what use the stage director makes of me. According to the script, I'm not even there until the last 3 pages.

Home, got two identical welcome packets from Scottrade because I opened two accounts. One would think they could be a bit more efficient.

Also received a letter from Dad's life insurance company asking me for the things I already sent them. They should have sent the check. I'll call them in the morning and tell them calmly and politely that I'm displeased. And have them explain to me why exactly they think they need what I've already sent. I'm pissed mostly because they were supposed to have contacted me 2 weeks ago, and the letter, dated the 21st wasn't even stamped till the 23rd, and getting here today tells me it probably wasn't mailed till the 26th.

Sent email to the New Zealand stock clearinghouse last night via my account on their web site, today they replied with the email address of a broker who they said could sell my shares. Broker wrote back quickly, asking for all the estate information, which is not needed because we've already done all that and the shares are in my name. I emailed them back this info, but got no reply.  So I guess I'll try again tomorrow with another broker over there.

Time for a quick snack and some shut-eye.
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