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Another Day Ending in Why

Was all set to be way early to work (as in as early as the commuter lane 9 am switch-over would allow) when some stuff came up on my computer screen which had to be dealt with. Don't you hate when that happens? Darned porn sites. Just kidding. But seriously, some email coupled with an entry in Quicken needed attention.

So I got on the phone and emailed in late. Only a little late, so just a courtesy.

The Device from Heck continued its nastifications, and much of my day was spent trying to reproduce intermittent bugs, and then documenting them. The iPhone is real handy, I use it to do screen captures both JPG and video and USB them over to the PC to upload into the bug reports. Just as I'd finally captured a sample of truly bad quality video, the cable connector came apart (thus revealing why it only cost $2.50). It came at a convenient time, I needed to go out and get something notarized and there is a Radio Shack next to the notary. Two birds, one dollop of petrol.

Finished all my test cases, wrote up all the bugs, and that'll be that for this device. The three of us working on it strongly recommended throwing it back.

Went straight home, was pleased the UPS person paid attention to the brand new "don't throw packages on the hard cement patio floor, a**hole" sign and placed them on the conveniently located rack just inside the patio wall, where they can be seen but not easily purloined. Today's goodies were three olde tyme CDs (Journey, REO Speedwagon and Air Supply) and a nose hair trimmer.

Also in the mail was a check from one of the estate's money market funds which goes into the trust's bank account tomorrow morning. And an announcement from Palo Alto Players that they are auditioning for Sunset Boulevard, which I would really really really like to be in, but it conflicts with Babes in Toyland. Sigh.

Was going to try to edit the 8mm film transfers tonight, but got caught up deleting the 1,542 messages left in the parental gmail account, putting up an auto-reply message and setting up Pop on my PC to let me scan messages and delete them from Outlook. It was mostly news and updates from investment companies Dad did business with, including a barrage of items from Morningstar. I unsubscribed from them a week ago but the crap keeps coming.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bank at 10
Photo shoot at noon
Break down several dozen cardboard boxes and recycle them (7 months of amazon &tc. deliveries).
Maybe I'll see a play. So many to choose from, it seems all my theater friends are on stage this weekend.
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