Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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42 itousness

Got to working on the model photos from yesterday's shoot, which involved  looking at the raw files and making a list of the keepers and notes if they needed Photoshopping. Then converting those to jpg, slapping the needy ones into Pshop and once the tweaking was done run a Pshop batch file to watermark them and put them in individual folders. Then uploading each folder to Flickr, and using the batch mode to change the copyright from my usual collective commons one to all rights reserved.  Teaser photo in the next posting.

That done I caught up on email, LJ and FB and got showered and dressed. Then downstairs for drugs and fish feeding.That was about 4:30 pm.

Happy to say there ares till a ton of fry in the tank, being guarded by both parents, who are wearing their best frightening colors.

Next a Fry's run to get stuff to troubleshoot the Firewire800 problem. I'm hoping it's a cable issue. But it could be the PCI card or the device itself. That'll be tonight's project.

From there to the supermarket, bought what was on my list plus a couple of items which were not. Home to put the melty stuff awa and then to have dinner. Had a craving for fried chicken followed by Starbucks, and started out for Boston Market which is next door to Starbucks, but on a whim switched to Sizzler which has decent wings as part of the salad bar sidecar.  After dinner headed for *Bux, where I am now, to find the Boston Market closed and brown papered over. Chalk up one for my amazing psychic skilz.

A moment of physical humor at Fry's. As I was walking to the entrance, a couple was almost at the doors. The man walks through the door at the left, which is the entrance, while his petite woman friend chooses the door on the right, and discovers when the door pops open  and pushes her back a foot that she chose the exit. She looked over toward her man with the biggest WTF on her face, but he was already well inside the store and missed it.

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