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New blu-ray player to test at work, a manufacturer I have never heard of. The thing is built like a brick, the layout of the remote is like the NY Times: "All the buttons which fit". It is almost as solid as it looks, as far as streaming playback. I finished all the tests which were assigned to me, and started playing with its built-in wireless connection. Very nice picture, but some weirdness in the GUI.

I'm expecting the baritone horn to be delivered tomorrow, signature required, so I got permission to take the player home with me and work from home. I'll hook it up to my wireless network in the living room. Have to set up the netbook on VPN to enter my test cases, that should be amusing.

Just before I was about to leave, email arrived from a NZ stock broker asking me to phone them to get started selling that stock. Phoned, and they said they needed to have my full legal name on the registry, and transferred me to the company which does that, but they dropped the call. Called the registry company, they said they needed my ID with my full name - I told them they already had it from when I did the inheritance thing, but the idiots there said they didn't. They didn't look, obviously. They said I could fax it.

So, after returning a bunch of firewire800 stuff to Fry's, I went to the Mercado and faxed it from Kinko's, then bought a different firewire800 card at Microcenter. The broker needed the same, plus a voided cheque with my full name on it, so I printed one, and faxed it from the iphone.

So maybe things will start moving on that front.

Downloaded model releases for Kaitlin and Arienne from the meetup site, so now I'm all legal. Well, maybe not *all*.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work from home
try out the new horn
Babes rehearsals

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