Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just the highlights

Feels like it should be Friday tomorrow. Just sayin'

I knew UPS was delivering the baritone today, so last night I got permission to take my test blu-ray player home and work from home so I could be here to sign for the package. The work VPN is amazing, seamless, and I was able to do my job from my netbook on a tray table while watching on my HD TV set with surround-sound in the livingroom. The down side is I had to provide my own soft drinks and lunch, and I couldn't run a bunch of tests which need access to my cubicle's private network router. I'd worked out the latter with my lead engineer last night, so no worries.

The player worked nicely, very good wireless streaming and beautiful 5.1 audio and HD video, but there was some strangeness with the GUI which makes it not ready for customers.

Delivery arrived a little before 3, as expected, and good thing I was there because the manager wasn't in and the box would not have fit in my car if I'd done a will call. Had to scoop out a lawn trash bag's worth of Styrofoam peanuts to get to the case. Beautiful brand new case, the horn is very pretty and plays well. Nice to finally have a horn with no sticky valves and a nice tone. Not that I'm a very good player, but at least I won't be out of tune and sounding mushy. Next rehearsal is Thursday.

Babes rehearsal tonight went through all the chorus bits. It was called for all the leads who had solos with the chorus, but the emphasis was very much on the chorus. It went well, now that I'm allowed to invent a bass part.

Called New Zealand, they said the fax I sent was not legible, so I sent it as a pdf email attachment, which they said was very clear. Looks like this thing might go through tomorrow, add two weeks for settlement if it's anything like USA brokers. Also got a follow-up call from the fellow at UBS in Los Gatos with whom I'd made the initial inquiry, and we had a nice chat. UBS appears to be a class act.

Menawhile, the T. Rowe Price accounts have transferred to Scottrade, except they are missing the two mutual funds. Even though everything is in the Scottrade accounts, TRP still shows them in their accounts online. Not a big surprise, TRP has proved conclusively they are clueless.

Plans for tomorrow:
study words to Babes music
Burn DVDs for last weekends' models
Home movies?

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