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Slept in. Domino looked pissed at me when I didn't get out of bed at 9.

Eventually got up & did my morning stuff, then took care of the litterboxes. Dawdled some, then went to pick up one of the band members in Palo Alto. I was a few minutes early so I parked around the corner and read email, then pulled up right on time, as she was bringing her music stand out to the driveway. The GPS took us onto the freeway to get to the school in Los Altos, a pretty quick route, we arrived about 10 minutes early, which was good. It was the reduced "parade band" and we were short a trumpet but otherwise good. Two tubas. And it was a different set of music, so I did a lot of sight reading, which I'm not too good at, but since we played everything three times it got easier as the gig evolved. We were musical background for some kind of parent-student event at an elementary school, and nobody was paying any attention to us until the last half hour when some of the kids came over and some parents with pre-schoolers parked themselves in the shade near us.  It wasn't as much fun as a concert, but it was for a good cause, and the band got a donation out of it. I was happy for the chance to play. It was good to see the kids having a good time, and the MILF count was quite high.

Took my ride home, then got a call from one a theater music person who had asked me to make her a copy of the video from a show I was 10 years ago. She had a copy of the same show when I was in it 2 years ago at another theater and wanted to compare the two. She was working on a project with people who were in both shows. After some misdirection on my part, we met at a parking lot in Palo Alto, got to talking so much she suggested we go have dinner somewhere, which we did. We've never been in a show together, but have both been in enough (she as a musician and music director, me onstage) that we knew most of the same people and there was a lot to compare notes on. It was after 8 before we left.

Plans for tomorrow through Wednesday:
Babes rehearsal.

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