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I am up too late, it must be Monday. Work was a summer festival. We had new firmware to install on four models of the same brand's blu-ray players. The firmware was specifically to fix four major bugs we had found. Long story short, three of the bugs were still there, and it took not much time to fail the devices again. I passed some time watching more of The Sarah Connor Chronicles than I had to (it was the TV series in which another engineer had seen the bug which had been fixed) and I went outside to see what 93° felt like. With only 20% humidity, it was not too bad. Nothing compared to a summer day in Bangkok.

Just before I decided it was time to go home I bought a refurbished Nikon D300s on amazon.com from a camera store in GA. Last Saturday's photos of the model rocket launch reminded me how much I missed 1/8000 sec. and 6 fps shutter repeat. And I still have a bucketload of CF memory from when I had the plain D300. The only thing I don't miss is the incredibly stupid 10-pin connector which serves both the GPS and the remote. Which is why I'll still use the D90.

Left at 6 instead of what has become my usual 7, but then I had gotten my butt on the road on time this morning and was there at about 9:15. Parked at eye candy central, the Blossom Hill @ Los Gatos Blvd Starbucks and read a couple of chapters on the iPhone from How To Teach Physics To Your Dog. The title should really be "Quantum physics" and the guy's dog conveniently follows more of the theory than most Physics 101 students would. But it covers a lot of the bases which they didn't know about when I was in school, and the more he explains, the more contrived quantum theory seems to me to be.

Babes rehearsals were intense. I discovered that a scene which the rehearsal schedule seemed to say only included the leads actually has everyone onstage. I don't do anything in the scene except be a warm body, so missing that rehearsal was no great loss.

While I was at work, TheatreWorks called, asking if I could step into a minor roll in their mid-October show. Quite a compliment, unfortunately it's the same schedule as Babes. That's the second invitation I've received from being in the TBA database. Maybe something will come up which I can actually do.

Had a major financial panic tonight. Got home and ran my nightly Quicken update, and saw a huge difference in what Quicken said my checking account balance was and what BofA said it was. Quicken had failed to match a big deposit entry I had made with the cleared event and it led me to invest twice as much in a money market account than I should have. In other words, two big deposits in the register when only one had been made. Nothing will bounce as a result, but it means I'll have to juggle a credit card payment and pull some cash from an account I don't normally touch, until the money market brokerage lets me put half back on the 1st. After which I can un-juggle the credit card and pay back the other account.

You would think after all these years, Quicken would have fixed their pattern matching algorithm.

Enough already.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. We get to test our new in-house "attended automation testing" tool. Yippee
Babes rehearsal
And there should be a new Nikon lens to pick up from the lock box. 
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