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Got some work done today. It was one of those rare days when I was busy almost all the time. Usually there are big gaping holes between crises, but this time it was just a series of continuing projects. Two minutes before closing time, I was paged, but it turned out to be Somebody Else's Problem - a system address that was changed last June never made it onto the network diagrams at the customer site, which caused some problems when they revamped their network today.

At lunchtime I took the bike on the long loop to the park, and it was pretty tough - it was chilly and the wind was blowing in my face at about 20 mph.  It slowed me down to about 8 mph (I usually can do 10-11 mph on that leg) and gave my quads more exercise than they wanted. The good news is the trip back I had that wind at my back and got up to 17 mph without much effort. If I had wanted to push it, I think I could have got to 20. Anyhow, the total mileage was just under 6 miles.

I'm on call this week - the guy who passed on the pager this afternoon gave it to me without its belt holster, which is awkward. Apparently it was lost by one of our techs a few weeks ago. So I figured I would add that to my Fry's shopping list. I dropped the bike and car rack at home after work, then went to Fry's. The Sunnyvale store is a mess. I mean, more of a mess than usual. I wanted to do some price checking, but the displays for the stuff I was interested in - PDAs, SATA hard drives, compact flash cards and audio players were all in a shambles.  They also have stopped carrying any pager accessories, so I was out of luck there. I did manage to get a couple of 1GB mini-discs and spent about 20 minutes trying to choose the best earbuds for my trip. I lean toward Sony, since they tend to work well with their players, but there were about a dozen models to choose from, and the specs were all over the map, with the prices not really correlating to the specs. There are only two specs I worry about in earbuds - sensitivity in dB/mW and frequency range. The ones with the best freq range cost $40, the ones with the best sensitivity were $19, and only had a tiny bit less freq range. There were also a pair for $50 which had the same specs as the $40 pair, only they were white instead of black. Talk about marketing! So I got the $19 pair, with 8-23,000 Hz range as opposed to the other with 6-24,000. I personally cannot hear anything higher than 15kHz and with earbuds there just isn't enough power to be able to feel the diff between 6 Hz and 8 Hz. At that low a freq, you don't hear it, you feel it.

So where to get a pager holster? I figured maybe one of those kiosks in a mall. So I headed for Valley Fair, and walked 3/4 around the ground floor then all the way around the upper floor without finding anything. So I stopped off for dinner, Ivar's has a pretty good Dungeness crab Caesar salad and wonderful chowders (I had salmon). When I was getting up from dinner, I noticed a kiosk downstairs which looked promising. Sure enough, they had a cell phone holder which fit just fine, so I bought it. Tomorrow I may try  Radio Snack just for grins, or maybe the Great Mall, or both. Great Mall, I think - I really should hit the Arrow shirt place and see what size I ought to be wearing. Though I'm not sure if I want to buy anything - Thailand is absolutely wonderful for having shirts made, and that's less than a month away.

In the background I'm copying tunes to my mini disc player - the one I had bought from Sony's employee store a couple of years ago is buggy, and there's no fix for it, so I bought one of the Hi-MD models, which takes 1GB discs as opposed to the smaller ones the old model takes. At the highest compression (48 kbps), the 1GB discs store 45 hours or so of music, as opposed to about 5 hours on the smaller discs. So I'm taking the luxury of using 132 kbps, which gives me about 16 hours.

I'm also listening to web radio, courtesy of the free stuff in Windows Media Player 10.

Tomorrow I'll catch up on my Netflix viewing, partly thanks to The Daily Show going on vacation again. They really piss me off - never announcing when they will be in reruns. In retrospect, they took off because Jon Stewart was off doing the Jewish high holy days, but that also pisses me off - you would think one of the other personalities would fill in. Grumble.

Big projects abound. Pick up a package, go to The French Store and stock up on kitty litter, change the litterbox, Great Mall and hope I don't get paged.

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