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Feline Acting Strangely

Online till 2 am this morning, when I got into bed at about 2:25 and turned off the lights, instead of curling up in her little bed near the bedroom closet, Domino jumped up onto the bed, parked herself next to my head and purred loudly. She licked my arm, head-butted it, and then pushed her face into my beard. I petted her, and for a bit she licked my hand and rubbed her face against the spot, but then she did something she had only ever done once before - jumped up on my chest, and laid down facing away from me, still purring loudly. She stayed there for about 5 minutes, then got back onto the bed and purred and butted some more. Scared me, made me think she thought I was sick. I went downstairs to check on Pumpkin, but aside from being curled up asleep behind the recliner instead of on it, he was fine.

Went back to bed, Domino went to her bed and all was normal from then on.

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