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Beating a Dead Horse

Over on the book of face, I've wrapped up my part of a conversation with a couple of Obamalamadingdangs who obviously have not bothered to read El Presidente's books, and are 1000% certain he was raised by devoted church-going Christians in the faith. He wasn't. According to both his books, his maternal grandparents (who raised him) were free thinkers, his mother absolutely despised religion, and he had none until swinging to the other side of the pendulum and becoming a nearly fundamentalist Christian relatively late in life.

My original reason for poking my head in on the conversation was several people were yelling about how stupid and ignorant the people are who still believe Obama is not a US citizen and is Muslim. My poke was that while I am convinced that he is a US citizen who has adopted the Christian religion, I can see how there could be a reasonable doubt
 -After all, he has chosen to keep his utterly Islamic name Barak Hussein
- His father and paternal grandfather were Muslim (his father had 5 wives)
- His stepfather was Muslim, and helped raise him for a short time in Muslim Indonesia
- His father was a citizen of Kenya, and as the son of a foreign national Barak Jr. had the opportunity to become a citizen of Kenya when he came of age. The US allows dual citizenship, I am not sure if Kenya does.

It's called being a Devil's Advocate. And now that I am done writing this, I am going online to listen to Glenn Beck's "In Your Dreams" speech. :-)

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