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The Monday of Bad Timing

I went to work a little early to file a couple of bugs I'd missed Friday. Long story short, I had covered two other engineers' test cases, and had forgotten to look up the failed cases under their names. At the end of the day the team lead let me know those had been filed against other cases, and were not bugs in the device, but in our test server software - which we are also testing.

All ready to move to the next machine when the boss says to use the new test server software, which took all day to install and configure. He knew that would happen - he added more time to test the device. When I left I was still having issues with connecting the device to the server, but that will be fixed in a couple of minutes, I just need to know which DRM license to install. So basically zero productive work done today.

At about 11, my cell phone rang, it was the Fedex guy at the front gate with a "you have to sign for it" package. I have been expecting it, but usually Fedex gets there before I leave for work. I didn't want it left at the office because there usually isn't anyone there, and if there is there is no telling when I can pick it up. So I told the driver to have it held for me at the depot.

After work I headed right home expecting a door tag I could take to the depot, but there wasn't one. I went to the depot, and they had nothing for me. Turns out the driver was from Fedex ground and the depot for that is 15 minutes away, and it's closed. I had planned to be at work late tomorrow for something else, but I'll wait for Fedex to make another attempt.

The depot I was at was not too far from rehearsals, so I was on time (I had emailed the AD I would be late, but she wasn't there because it was a music rehearsal.).

Singing cheered me up a little. Very little. I hate that score, and the lyrics suck lemons through a rusted drain pipe. Maybe the highlight was before we started, waiting in the green room I got to tell one of the actresses how much applause she was getting from a couple of our mutual theater friends for standing in for a weekend for Anna in The King And I on short notice - she had 2 days to learn the part. She's such a sweetheart, it was good to be able to tell her good things like that.

Stopped off at the store to get some cole slaw and cole slaw dressing. At home I performed cole slaw CPR on a tub I'd made over the weekend using Hidden Valley brand cole slaw dressing. They should have kept that valley hidden. It was bad. Tasted like mayo. I threw the contents of the tub into a strainer and ran cold water through it until the offending dressing was gone, and replaced it with Litehouse brand, diluted about 1 part water to 5 parts dressing. That fixed it. I prefer Marie's brand, but somehow it never is on the shelf when I'm at the store. Which is why I tried Hidden Valley - they were out of both Litehouse and Marie's last week.

Also bought some sausage and eggbeaters, and made scrambled eggs with sausage for dinner. With a side of cole slaw, of course.

Watched the latest episode of Eureka. In many ways not their best, but they did a lot of character development along the way which was good. They also brought back two of last season's characters for one-shot appearances. The actress who played the sheriff's SO last season was one of them, and she has gained some weight. meow.

Been thinking maybe I should tell my doctor, just for the record, that my dyslexia is coming back in annoying ways. Sometimes I transpose numbers when I enter contacts in my phone, but when I double-check them, they look correct. I'll type something - I don't touch type so I am usually watching my fingers - and what is on the screen is not in the order I saw my fingers do. Usually just letters out of place, sometimes whole words. And I've been having trouble finding the right word to say in a sentence. My usual mnemonic is I can remember what it starts with, but lately what I thought it started with was actually two or three letters into the word. It isn't chronic, but it is happening enough to not be able to deny it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for Fedex Ground.
If he's early enough, go to PA and pick up the film transfers. Otherwise head straight to work.
No rehearsals so I'll probably work till 7. Maybe later.
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