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Just weighed Domino, she is 10 lbs. Which means the hypoglycemia radiation treatment cured her. Yippee. At one point she was < 7 lbs. Before she got sick she was a chubby 11.5.

Meanwhile, the new male betta is being wooed by the partly transgendered female, but I can't tell what sex she thinks she is. They are acting like they both think they are males mating with a female. Spooky.

Busy day at work, got the tests done I needed to run, and spent a lot of time watching large chunks of movies and TV episodes. This time it's a 46-inch TV set, and I have to back up into my cubicle doorway to watch. Had a social call from two of the women engineers who wanted to see the new photos on my wall. They had not known they were taken by me, and were impressed.

Left for work late to wait for Fedex to deliver the camera, which they did right on time. Only had time to make sure it was what I'd ordered, and didn't play with it till after I got home tonight. I'd had the D300, this is the 300s, the camera they should have made in the first place. It has most of the features I like in the D90 with the extras of the D300. I should have a chance to try it out this weekend.
Plans for tomorrow:
Babes staging rehearsal.

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