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Quiet Day

Not much was on the agenda today. Pick up the 8mm transfers in Palo Alto a little after 11, stop in at the pet store, pick up a friend at SJC flying in from a trip to Costa Rica. Since I was in Palo Alto around lunchtime I had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Had planned on pasta, but they had nothing with beef, just chicken. So I had the astronomically priced beef ribs, which were almost worth full price. Also had red velvet cake cheesecake, but could only finish half. Service was slow considering the place was almost empty. Hostess was quite beautiful. Waiter was not.

At home, watched a DVD of a show one of my theater friends gave me, a local musical which starred someone I'd enjoyed being on stage with once. Two of the newcomers in the show were excellent as well.

After picking up friend, downloaded three DV tapes from the 8mm transfer, and now have the whole set. I was surprised at how long ago the last scene was. The label on the reel says 1969. I was out of the house by then, at college, big sister was home after spending a year abroad, but the 2-hour bus commute to college meant she wasn't really home. I guess without the whole family going on outings anymore, it was a logical place to stop making movies. Maybe. I can remember a couple of later family trips. Anyway, now comes the chore of editing the videos and making DVDs from them. Dad left hand-written scene lists in each reel case, which will help.

No plans for tomorrow. Massage maybe. Swimming? Slightly tempted to take the camera to the Capitola sand castle festival, but don't really want to drive 17 or fight the crowds. Parking in Capitola will be a nightmare.

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