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A Day Off

Did not sleep in, got up at my usual 8:30 weekend alarm. But stayed on the computer till noon. I have to remember not to do that - if I don't take my insulin by 9 am my Hgl at noon is way high. And the other meds are less effective as well. Got to remember to step away from the evil tool of Satan earlier on weekends. This morning's project was ripping a bunch of CDs and re-making my "Faves 4" compilation CD which had been skipping.

Had no plans, so went to a place I sometimes hang out on weekends, and got a free lunch - they were having a Labor Day BBQ. Good foot-long sausage and okay hamburger with trimmings.  Went swimming in their pool for a little while.

Back home - the apartment was much cooler than outside. Pumpkin decided that me sitting in the armchair was his cue to jump up and settle on my arm. Domino took the other arm for a while, but she never stays long.

Called to see if my masseuse was working today, she was, made an appointment. Killed time in between with an iced chai latte and a book at Starbucks. Finished the book. It Is Well With My Soul, by 106-year-old Ella Mae Johnson. Except for her somewhat tunnel vision Christianity, I enjoyed the book a lot. Amazing woman, even by the time she was 30. Well ghost-written, an easy read, and a very different perspective.

Massage was excellent.

Home, turned on the PC expecting a message from a new Yahoo chat member, but there was none. Did get a message from the woman organizing a new Thai-interest meetup group. Apparently the dinner they had planned for a week night in Fremont wasn't getting any traction (I can't get there from work either) and she was asking if I could make it on the Saturday after next, which I can. Looking forward to it. She also reminded me that there's a Thai lunch market every Sunday at the Fremont Wat. I had heard rumors, but thought it was just for festivals. Apparently it is every Sunday, on festival weekends they also have it Saturdays. Can't go next Sunday, ironically, because I'm going to a birthday party for the daughter of a Thai + American couple I know from a couple of companies ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (me and one other contractor will be there). This company has no official holidays.
No Babes rehearsal, so will work on the 8mm transfers if it's not too warm upstairs.

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