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Worked today...

For some reason I was actually on the road at the time I want to be every morning, but never am. Blame it on that bizarre dream waking me up early. I was afraid if I didn't write it down I'd lose it, but I can still see it clearly all these hours later.

Work was frustrating, thanks to some problems with the new server software. I got a lot done between the time I discovered it had changed IP addresses on me and it got stuck in a mode which sent a test error message even after I'd cleared the message and rebooted the machine. By that time it was quitting time anyway, but it messed up the results of my last 5 tests.

Went home via Safeway, I needed cheese and zucchini. Zucchini is for the plecosthemus. Watched a DVD from a friend of a recent local production of Once Upon a Mattress. I thought I'd seen the show before but I had not. There are some clever bits of writing in it, a few nice tunes, and some really stupid stuff. The leads were all very good. There wasn't a single person onstage I knew, which is pretty strange for a local show. Especially one directed by someone I've been onstage with. Anyway, it was good mindless entertainment, now that Crag's List's adult services category has been taken down.

Tonight I may try the champagne egg cream experiment. I have some really cheap champagne in the fridge left over from NYE, and some chocolate milk. I love mixing half a glass of seltzer with chocolate milk, and what is champagne except alcoholic seltzer?

Plans for tomorrow:
Babes rehearsal
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