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It's bedtime, but

Trying to remember when I dropped off of cadhla's list here. I hadn't read her journal for a long time, just too much to read. Hmmm.

Normal day at work, finished the project and got started on the next one. This one is just a bare circuit board, what we call a "reference unit". Usually it's a chip maker's board which they will sell to TV and Blu-ray player manufacturers to put in their devices as a ready-made, pre-certified player for our streaming media. Using a reference unit usually cuts a lot of time off the process of certifying the final product, and they are easier to test.

No rehearsals, but still a theater night. Had a date with someone I saw on OK Cupid who has been in a bunch of shows in local community theater, knows almost everyone in theater that I do, yet somehow we had never met. Turns out it is mostly that she doesn't sing, and I rarely go to non-musicals. But still odd because she had acted in the three black box theaters I attend the most, I just haven't gone to anything she was in. We had a great chat for 2 hours, but I don't drink and she does, which is kind of a deal breaker for anything serious. She said she didn't hang out there much (we went to the bar at a popular restaurant) but she knew most of the staff by name, and they knew her too. Still, a fun person to talk to, and one of these days we're bound to be involved in the same show.

Home, spent too much time recording a voice message to my NYC uncle in response to a piece of crap from Newt Gingrich which has been making the rounds, and which my uncle thought was "superb". It's a fear-mongering speech about the proposed mosque. I don't think they should build it either, but Newt needs to crawl back into the hole he went into when he left Congress in shame, and he needs to keep his Georgia cracker nose out of New York City business. The speech was all lies, twisted history and sword-rattling rhetoric. The reason for the voice message is my uncle has some eye trouble and can't read standard text on the screen, and he'd rather hear my voice anyway.

Plans for tomorrow:
Band practice
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