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I was up late, woke up late, it is 10 am, and I decide that since I am so late already I'll wait for UPS to deliver the baritone from the repair shop. I'm reading in the livingroom when I hear the sound of a truck. I look out the window (patio sliding glass doors actually) and see the UPS truck right in front of the patio, driving away. going from my left to my right. Huh? My apartment is four units away from the parking lot, there is no road for a truck to drive, and a few feet from where the truck was headed is a fence and a ravine. Weird. I see a big box was left next to the patio fence, and instead of being sealed, the top flaps are folded left-over-right and peaked because whatever is in the box is too tall for it.

Flash forward, the box is in the livingroom, I am pulling a padded envelope out which contains the 2nd valve. I look for a note (there's always a note to explain why a part was replaced) and instead pull out a very long fan-folded several sheets of paper stapled at the top, stapled to the padded envelope. Each sheet is about 4 feet long, and there appears to be four or five of them. They don't seem to have real writing on them, but are covered completely with lines of random characters, mostly numbers. As I look, I see the top sheet is a normal piece of stationary paper which begins "Dear Mr. [my surname] and while there appears to be a few paragraphs of writing there, instead of seeing the words I intuit that they had no replacement for the damaged second valve.

Flash forward, I am sitting on the sofa with the baritone in my hands, inspecting the second valve slot. Zoom out to see the whole horn, and this is not my horn. It has a removable bell (mine's is fixed) and it is bell-up (mine is bell-front) and while the body is brass like mine, the bell is some kind of plastic/cardboard amalgamation.

I'm about to look for the repair shop's number to call them when I look at the clock and see it is 11 am, I panic, I am way too late for work, I rush upstairs to take a shower, because I had skipped my shower yesterday. But the tub is a quarter full of green slimy water - the pipes have backed up. What to do? Go back to bed, and call in sick later, I decide.

I wake up, completely panicked, until I look at the clock and it is my normal wake-up time.
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