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Definitely Sunday

I did it right this time. Woke up at 8, went downstairs to check my Hgl (94) and take my meds, then went back to sleep.

Played online with the netbook while still in bed, which is when J called to see if I was free for coffee later. Got up and dressed around noon, went to Fry's to get a better external backup drive than the one I'd been using - USB is way too slow, and the one I had kept going to sleep before the backups could complete. Got a NAS one instead.

Just before I went out, I got a call from the 3-margarita woman from last night's party, asking me if I was free today. I think she wanted to invite me to the Sunday food thing at the Thai temple.

Met J, expecting to be regaled with tales of her trip to Costa Rica, but instead heard about her mega-busy week last week which started when a friend she has visited in Fiji every couple of years for the last 20 finally was approved for a visa for a US visit. This was her third try, and there was no explanation given why this time, as there was no explanation given for the denials the first two times. State Department policy needs to be dramatically changed - a visa denial cannot be appealed, it's done by a petty bureaucrat, and each denial means the applicant loses the $100 application fee. They need to put some due process in place, and make the entry requirements clear.

So J has spent the week making reservations and plans, and lining up visits for her Fijian friend with some other folks (like me) who have gone to Fiji and visited her village.

Stopped off to do some grocery shopping on the way home, and set up the new backup drive, which seems to be way slower than it ought to be. And the drag-and-drop method they suggest doesn't work because it stops any time it hits a system file. I may have to buy their backup software.

Watched the last bit of the Sunday night football game. It's just not as good as when John Madden was on it. Or Howard Cossell, for that matter. They made the mistake of hiring a retired player, when they need an educated fan or a retired coach. Someone with a personality. It was a sloppy game, too.

Stopped eating by 9, so I can go have a fasting blood test in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser lab
BASFA (?). A rare Monday without rehearsals. Though maybe this isn't the week, since it will be wall to wall Worldcon reviews.

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