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Lull in the Action

Well, not really. I need to capture some audio problems on today's test device, but the people nearby are being too loud to make a video. I can't use the lab because that's hosting a surround sound test. So I figure since there is nothing more I can do here till things quiet down, I'll catch up.

I didn't post anything yesterday - something must have distracted me when I went online after dinner. So, what about yesterday? Work was very busy, I was doing one of those tests which measured performance on five different wireless networks, which meant a lot of set up/tear down but also lots of video watching in between. After I was done it was clear that I could run these tests better at home, where I have a more versatile wireless router than any of the access points we have here. And the lead engineer wanted me to test an audio issue which required a home theater system (firing up six speakers in an office environment is frowned upon).

After work was Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals, which was a mixed bag. I was doing a lot better concentrating on the music, but the mouthpiece I thought would give me the easiest high notes didn't. And valves started sticking, even after I'd oiled them. I may need to have them plated. That can wait till after the 26th, which is the last concert of the year. I won't mind having the horn at the shop for a couple of months. I suppose I should also have the beater horn worked on too.

Home, watched an episode of Dating in the Dark while nomming a microwave dinner. Lunch had been meat loaf, which I had forgotten until the spaghetti & meatballs started talking back to me after dinner. :-( Dating in the Dark sticks to a very rigid formula, which make it easy to know when to FF. Three men and three women are brought into a lovely house and the idea is to hook up with someone. The men are on one side of the house, the women on the other side, they only meet in the dark. There is a darkroom upstairs which has infrared cameras and lighting, so we can see a nightvision version of the action, but the participants can't see a thing. The first meeting is always all six people, men on one side women on the other side of a table. After that all the dates are 1-on-1. The final date is done in darkroom separated by a one-way mirror, and each participant chooses one person of the opposite sex to see in the light.  Sometimes the choice of participants is odd, mis-matched ages, different social circles, etc. It's a sure bet that the woman who has gotten by on looks alone is going home alone. It's not such a sure bet for the men. Lately there have been instances of two women fighting over the same man, and I'm pretty sure last night's episode was a case of the producers pushing one of the women in that direction. She went home alone when she could have gone home with a guy she had developed a rapport with until suddenly switching horses. A lot of the time, seeing the person is a deal-breaker. I personally think it defeats the purpose of the show. Enough about that already.

Yesterday I also mailed checks to my sisters of their share of dad's life insurance settlement. It was small compared to the inheritance, but more than I had expected.

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