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I am getting on a plane, I am a student in a class which is taking a trip out west to Indiana to see a movie. A couple of my Facebook friends are in the class too. We get off the big white tour  bus at the movie theater (the dream skipped the plane ride and the airport arrival foo). The movie is over, I have no idea what movie it was. The teacher says we're going to dinner. I decide I want to walk around the neighborhood instead, just to get away from the group. I figure they would be easy to find later. After wandering around the outside of the theater and through the usual urban nondescript area nearby I realize I am lost. I get on a city bus, the route map on the bus stop pole said it went to the Greyhound terminal, I could catch the bus back east. It's after 9 pm and I know San Jose airport is closed by then, there would be no flights from Indiana, especially with the 3 hour time zone difference between west, where I am now, and east to San Jose. This bus is also white, on the inside too. I sit next to a man in an undershirt who has white earbuds on, and is oblivious to the rest of the world because he is absorbed in the music.

The bus ride is long. Way longer than it ought to be to get to the Greyhound terminal. We are not heading downtown, we are heading away from downtown. I look at the route map up on the wall of the bus, and it says the other end of the route is the airport. I pull out my cell phone, thinking I'll call someone in the class, but decide not to. I know I have localinactivist's number, he's also a Facebook friend, but it's too embarrassing. I put the phone away.

Last stop, airport, and I am in a tiny boarding area, there are only two seats against the wall, but there are two one-person check-in counters. The poster on the wall says this is American Airlines. I go up to one of the counters, the woman behind it tells me what I already know, the next flight to San Jose is in the morning. I sit in one of the two seats pondering what to do next, when I wake up.

I'm home, problem solved.
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