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A Most Unusual Day

My eyes opened at 6:15 am. My brain started working maybe 2 hours later. It was telling me to stay in bed. So was Pumpkin, who was using his significant gravitational pull to influence continued inertia. Got up anyway. Did some stuff on the computer and before I knew it I was on time to be late for work. Emailed the team I would be in half an hour later than usual.

Way too much traffic on 85 for a Friday. Way too many jerks playing the "speed up so you can't pass" game. As soon as you pass, they go back to 60 mph or less. Somewhere close tow work a CHP motorcycle cop is stationed at an on-ramp with his radar gun out. We are all doing legal speeds, but I'm the only one who does not slow down to 60. Speed limit is 65. Cops won't pull you over till 70, or close to it.

Tapped my brakes to compensate for the idiot ahead of me, changed lanes and put cruise control back on. A couple of miles later, pulling into my exit, it feels like the brake pedal is going too far down before it engages. Pumping it does not help. The brakes are engaging, but not until the pedal is closer to the floor than I want it to be. Into the parking garage, and it is even worse. I look for the brake warning light which ought to be flashing on the dashboard, but what I see is the parking brake light. It seems I have driven on the freeway with the parking brake partially engaged. I smell something burning. Could be brake pads. Could be electrical. This is scaring me.

I get to my desk long enough to call AAA and email the team that I'm going to have me and the car towed to my local dealer, and ought to be back later. Call AAA and arrange for a tow. I figure it would be easier to tow it from the parking lot than the garage, so I go down to the car and drive it upstairs. The brakes are working fine. Two facilities workers are sniffing around some vents down the way - literally. Something is causing an electrical burning smell, but they tell me it is not my car.

In the parking lot, much calmer, I call AAA and cancel the tow. Back to my desk, send a "oops, false alarm" email message, and start work.

But the last few days has left me shaken, especially the brakes episode. Before I know it it's noon, there is nothing edible on the box lunch cart (beet taco salad? eeeew!) and I am feeling rotten. Take a blood sugar reading, it's 135, which is excellent for me at mid-day. Felt like I was stuck.

To add to the stuck-ness, my lead explains to me how lots of the tests I am running are not applicable to the software I am testing, but I need to do them anyway in case one of them makes the program crash. I hate having to be psychic to do my job.

Got stuck a few times just looking at all the tests in my queue, none of which have anything to do with video quality. My lead assigned me all of the ones which do, but they make up maybe 1% of the tests.

Famous Amos' chocolate chip cookies helped get me unstuck. So did potato chips, cheddar and regular.

To help top things off, my cousin in Boston gets on FB asking if anyone knows how to get in touch with the children of someone she knew - a man who was one of her first drum teachers in Santa Cruz, she used to play with his kids. Looked up his name on the news sites and the wife he walked out on recently came back and shot him dead and then killed herself. Yikes! The news items gave no clues how to contact the boys.

So here I am in *bucks listening to bad reggae, heading home as soon as I finish this and one more online task.

It's going to be a busy weekend.


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