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Last night's attitude was "it should wait till tomorrow". Not "can" but "should". There was nothing I needed to do last night which would not be better done today. And of course as soon as I turned off the computer I remembered one thing which was better done last night, so I fired it back up and went to amazon.co.uk and had a copy of the Wicked OBC CD gift wrapped and sent to my cousin Viv in London. Technically her husband Brian is my cousin, but Viv and I have been pen pals since childhood, so...

Still early for me - just past 11 - I went to bed with the fan on. It was 83F in the bedroom, and my body did not want to go to sleep. Finally did after midnight, woke up at 4:30 to use the facilities, but distracted myself with the iPhone in bed till 5:30. The KQED pledge drive woke me up at 8:30. I had promised myself I would be at Pet Club by about 9, because I was out of litterbox refills and they seriously needed changing. So did the sheets, so first thing I stripped the bed and replaced the gold sheets with blue ones.

Amazing but true, I was up and medicated and there by 9:15, got four refills and two 6-packs of hummingbird feeder powder. Major delay at the checkstand when one of the 6-packs spilled powder all over the counter. The runner got another one, it was also leaking. In fact, it took five boxes to find six packets which didn't have big rips in them - and most of them had slightly opened seams. They need to talk to their supplier. 

Since I was in the neighborhood and it was early I had my nails done. One of the customers was serious eye candy. Made the manicure much more pleasant.

Back home, changed the litterboxes while it was still tolerably warm, but went downstairs where it is cooler to recover with some iced lime-and-seltzer, college football and popcorn. Then against my better judgment I emptied all the trash cans and hauled them and the litterbox foo out to the dumpster. It was way too hot/humid to be doing that. I am so out of shape. Yeah, I know, round is a shape.

More football. Mostly watched UCLA shut down Texas. No surprise there, Texas has sucked lately.

On the agenda for today was hauling a bunch of computer stuff to the recycling center, the one which donates the usable stuff to schools and sells the rest to raise money for their operation. Went online to check the hours, and they have closed the nearest one (in Sunnyvale) and the others are just too far and too awkward to get to - downtown San Francisco and Santa Rosa with drop-offs in Petaluma. And I can't find any places within a reasonable distance which perform the same service. All the stuff I have is usable, I've just outgrown it.

So instead, since I was on the computer anyway, I took care of some stuff which fell under the "do it Saturday" umbrella:
- Printed out my monthly health insurance check
- Filled out the form and printed out the form and a check for a panel in the Renovation 2011 art show. $50 for a 4'x6' section at a worldcon is a major bargain. Maybe later today I'll make my train & hotel reservations.
- Wrote a nastygram to the Seattle/King County director of Public Health about their sending me copies of Dad's death certificate which say he will be born about a month from now - more than a month after we'd sent in the correction and received a couple of corrected certificates. I have had many frustrating moments during this whole trustee/executor adventure, the Vital Statistics officials effing up so royally made me madder than I have been in decades.

That was the list, I thought, but reading email I saw there was one more task. Went to the car and got the GPS, hooked it up and started installing the latest map update. That process takes a couple of hours, and needs no babysitting, which is why I am now in the local Starbucks, enjoying a free frappucino and the occasional eye candy.

I could go see shows at Sunnyvale or Saratoga tonight, but since both of them rejected me when I auditioned, that's not gonna happen. I suppose I could go see a movie.

Nah, too lazy. Need to make cole slaw for tomorrow's party anyway.

Plans for tomorrow:
Brunch for a friend visiting from Fiji
Play in the afternoon Concert in Los Altos
Band members' potluck party (it's the last concert of the year)


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