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Busier than it sounds

Morning online included making Amtrak reservations for next year's Worldcon. Also checked the con rates against what it would cost to reserve now - $20 a night less at the Peppermill to go with non-con rates. That's a FAIL.

Got into my YOTB uniform, packed the baritone and cole slaw, and headed for my first stop, a brunch for Mere, a friend from Fiji. Long story short, one of my local friends had adopted her village, and visited her about every 2-3 years for the past 20+ years. Somewhere in there I was in Fiji and spent a few days in the village too. After years of the State Department irrationally refusing her a visa, all of a sudden she got one, and my local friend is taking her all over to make the trip a memorable one. They have already been to Yosemite and Sacramento, much more to come. I could not stay long - had to get the cole slaw into the fridge up at the concert venue (it was 85 degrees outside). But it was good to see Mere and some other mutual friends. She brought me a nice present  some Fijian cooking spices.

Drove to the park, put the cole slaw in the fridge, then hung out for an hour  before concert time. Good concert, at half time one of the tuba players and one of the flute players, who teach at the Mountain View music center, got kids and parents to gather around while members of the band did show-and-tell with their instruments. The second half was a little challenging, the last few numbers had lots of high notes, and my lip was gone about three piece from the end. Some ice would have helped. This was the last concert of the year, so we squeezed in an encore after the standing O.

Friend Janice and Mere made it to the last half of the concert and Mere was amazed at how good the band was and impressed that I was part of it.

The after-party spread was pretty good, but they didn't have much non-alcoholic to drink. I chatted with some folks, got a couple of compliments on the cole slaw.

It was still in the 80's at 5, I headed home, hydrated with Pumpkin on my arm, watched some of the football game but decided air conditioned Starbucks and a frappuccino was a better idea.

Probably will watch the end of the game, do some reading. It's too hot upstairs to work on the DVD.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not sure about BASFA.


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