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The Coldest Cut of All

Had cold cuts for dinner - some of what I bought last night knowing we were in for a heat wave. Cole slaw left over from the potluck, turkey ham and turkey pastrami, and lox. Watched the ending of the MNF game, mostly to enjoy the HD picture quality because the game itself was skewed too much by arbitrary penalty calls.

Work was kind of lonely, I was the only one working on my particular device, and it took way too long to upgrade the firmware because the instructions from the manufacturer required more psychic ability than I usually have on a Monday morning. And since it was 3 am their time, I had no way to ask for clues. Figured it out, though. First thing I did was test the bug the update was supposed to fix, and it didn't. But the rest of the tests were good up until about 6 pm when all kinds of strange things started happening. Lots of bugs to double-check and file in the morning.

Home by way of Smart & Final, which had a very low price on seltzer. Also got some CF diet coke and Famous Amos and Oreos on sale.

After the game the project was to scan in some forms and fill them out, then compile them into a pdf for my sisters to fill out the rest of the way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Babes rehearsal. SM sent us an agenda, and a missive for everyone to be on time, but the two together don't make sense. I asked for a clarification, but have heard nothing.

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