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Call It CIO

I'm not obsessively compulsive, but I am compulsive in a casual kind of way. If I see a microwave at work left with time on the cooking clock but nothing to be cooked, I'll hit the stop button. I tend to close drawers and cabinet doors which have been left open. In the back of my mind I tell myself it's a safety issue, but I just like to bring closure.

It's isn't really a compulsion, I do it on impulse. I won't self-combust if I pass by without  doing anything about the open cabinet door, and I don't need all the chairs in the empty conference room to line up perfectly. But I'd be slightly more at ease if they were.

And it isn't a disorder, it's an order. So I'll call it Causally Impulsive Order. Perhaps we can make it chivalric: the Order of Casual Impulsion.
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