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Random observations

Went to the Thai Temple for a meetup, got there 10 minutes early but spent 15 minutes trapped in an already over-filled parking lot behind an SUV with 5 cars behind us. Felt just like Bangkok.

Since that was supposed to have been lunch, I went down  Decoto Road and let my GPS find me a Thai restaurant. First one was closed, second one was in the shopping center across the street and was named Tamada (which means "regular"). Pulling into the parking lot I saw one named Chaiyo ("cheers") and went inside. It is a very lovely place, new furnishings, well-rounded menu without needing half a day to read it. I was the only one in there. The hostess/waitress eventually came out, and from then on service was fine. The food was okay, and I think all this place needs is customers. The hostess said they had just bought the place, and were going to change its name to Mekong. She asked me what I thought about that, and I told her that for Americans it probably would sound more familiar, but I like Chaiyo better because it is more cheerful. Now that I think about it, Mekong makes Americans think more of Vietnam than Thailand.

Home, thought about going to help load the sets into the truck for the show, but decided to let the youngsters have that fun.  Went to my neighborhood Starbucks, but it was closed. They have been having trouble staffing the place on evenings and weekends. So I went to the one near the CVS store, and bought some meds while I was in the neighborhood.

Home again, sat on the balcony watching the hummingbirds fight. There are four or more which hang out in the cedar tree, or maybe it's a redwood, and when one of them thinks the coast is clear he goes for the feeder, only to be dive bombed by two of the others. Domino was being very visible up on the railing, which also scared them off some. She usually stays up there while I sit in the patio chair, but this time after a while she climbed down my shoulder and balanced on one of my thighs. She let me cuddle her for a long time, something new. I guess she has forgiven me for dosing her with Advantage yesterday.

Watched a bit of the football game over dinner, too bad about the Bears' quarterbacks.

I came upstairs specifically to write a couple of random observations here, but forgot them as soon as I turned on the PC. Figures.

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