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Big Boxes

Came home to find two big boxes on the patio. One on  the rack by the door (Fedex) and the other had been thrown over the fence onto the cement floor (UPS). I am very glad Fedex delivery person is not the idiot UPS guy is, because his box was an all-in-one printer which would not have survived being thrown onto the floor. The UPS box was a box within a box, as it turned out, so no damage was done other than almost breaking open the outer box. Inside was a pedestal fan. Even within the styrofoam it had been shaken a bit.

Set up both of them, tag team style. Started with the printer, which had a gazillion little pieces of blue tape to hold the various trays and such closed. After getting it on the wireless network I loaded the ink, which needed 5 minutes to prime, so I grabbed the electric screwdriver and headed downstairs to the fan project. The base needed to be attached with 6 screws, which the instructions did not mention. There were a couple of other screws cleverly hidden where they had to be removed and re-inserted to get the motor onto the stem. The other stuff was all covered.

One more trip upstairs to load the installation CD for the printer, and then downstairs to put the fan in place, turn it on with the remote and cool off some. Put the fan box inside the outer box and wheeled them out to the dumpster because they took up the whole livingroom. Printer box is in the upstairs hallway, along with the HP printer which the new Epson retired. Sadly, the Epson is not nearly as well made as the HP, but the HP just doesn't work as well. Tested the Epson CD print feature, and it worked beautifully. Unlike the HP and previous Epsons, the CD tray is built in, and pops out at the push of a button.

Playing Pandora with the desktop app, and it sounds pretty good. Paid for a year's subscription as soon as a Meg Whitman ad played. The ads have been getting more and more obnoxious, and more off-target. The quality boost is only from the freebie 128kbps to 192kbps, which is exactly half the bandwidth which can deliver near-CD quality, but it's at least a wee bit better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change the litterboxes
Refill the downstairs hummingbird feeder
Theater by 12:30 - we have two shows to do. Sandwiches will be provided for dinner between shows. I can't wait.

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