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GPS Guidance

Oh vast hive mind, I am looking for suggestions on a GPS unit for my car. Tell me please what make and model you have, what the pros and cons are. Thanks.

Been grumpy all day. Except for the parts when I was furious.

It has been 17 months since I was laid off by Motorola, and as they were supposed to, Motorola sent a notice that my COBRA coverage would end Nov. 30. My coverage is with Kaiser, I called them last week to see what they had in the way of continuing coverage, and they said Cal-COBRA would cover me for 18 more months, they would send me an application.

Instead of an application, they sent me a denial letter. The letter said that my Motorola coverage would not run out until April Fool's Day 2011, and I should apply again closer to that date.

I called their 800 number, and the nice lady did some checking and told me Motorola's computers had told Kaiser's computers that my COBRA coverage had started October 1, 2009. I called Motorola's 800 number and the nice lady said that no, my coverage started in May 2009, and will end in November. Back to Kaiser, which insisted they could do nothing because they are Pavlovian lemmings who can only react to what the computer tells them.

So I drove to Kaiser, and after several misdirections on what department to go to, 20 minutes of speaking with a woman who didn't have the wit to say "you need to go to the folks in room 162" up front, and lots of waiting, a nice young man named Josh looked at the two letters, saw the problem, and did his best to find someone at Kaiser who would listen. He faxed the letter from Moto to them, and said they should have it straightened out by tomorrow, at which time I would need to re-apply for Cal-COBRA. That's if Moto gets their computer's head out of its rear service ports. We shall see.

Work kept getting interrupted by last week's project and people who have been there longer than me asking my advice. I suppose I should feel flattered but today I was just annoyed.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow's tests will mostly involve watching video, mostly in what passes for HD on streaming media.

Last night I bought Roxio Creator 2011 because it was on sale, and I was getting very irked by what Corel did to Ulead's DVD Factory. Roxio was bought by Sonic, which used to make the premier DVD creator software, with the unfortunate name of "My DVD". It used to sell for $599. Now it is part of Roxio's $99 suite. I started making the next home movie DVD on it tonight. So far the things it does better than Corel balance out with the things it does worse, or not at all. The jury is out until I get to making the chapter labels and titles.


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