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Popped Disc 1 Year 1 of Battlestar Gallactica into the DVD player, and sat through the most boring excuse for a sci-fi series since Lorne Greene.

I take that back.

Mr. Ponderosa at least had some charisma, his supporting characters had actual personalities (cookie cutter though they may have been) and the plot was more exciting than "okay everyone, sit on your butts for 33 minutes, so we can show 17,348 shots of digital countdown timers, antiquated WWII ship's chronometers which have no place on a space ship, and a bunch of almost-dead people in fatigues (how appropriate!) who allegedly have not slept for 132 hours".

I was 10 minutes into episode 2 before I woke up and hit the eject button. One less series of DVDs to clutter my Netflix queue.

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