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Updates, Take 2

I wrote something like this at work, but it is probably still sitting in the cache because I got interrupted by two of my team. One needed to test a Set-top box on my server - three different times, the other needed me to double-check some bugs she was seeing on the box which each of us was testing.
So, thanks for all the comments on GPS units. A little background here - I have been using Garmin in the car for years, I am on my 4th one, a  nüvi® 1490T, which was a mistake - the screen is unreadable in direct sunlight, audio is weak and there is no way to pipe it through the car speakers, it takes too many button presses to do anything except "go home". Traffic is a joke - but this is true of most GPS systems - it tells you traffic is heavy ahead once you're stuck in it. It's also so heavy it pops the suction cup loose, especially in hot weather. But the bottom line is the other brands are worse, and all I really needed was a better Garmin. So there's a nüvi® 885 on its way.
Called Kaiser, they confirmed that they now have the right expiration date for my COBRA in their system, and will send me a Cal-COBRA application.
Worked till 7, hung out at Starbucks intending to change my Maui car rental reservations after the last three Avis Preferred experiences were messed up. Canceled Avis from work, but the usual reservations aggregation services kept saying that 10 pm arrival time was past their bedtime. So instead I "watched" the World Series on Yahoo Sports, which was seriously lagged. I folded up the laptop at the bottom of the 8th, with the score 10-4. If any team could blow a big lead lke that I figured it would be the Giants.

Turned the game on in the car every now and then, when it got to 11-7 I switched to music. I figured it would go extra innings, if SF was lucky.

Home, turned on the TV and was surprised the game was already over, and 11-7 was the final. Someone needs to tell Brian Wilson that his beard is only feared because the Billy Mays coloring job is so obviously phony. Fear Clairol's Just For Men. Harumph.

Home, took care of the car rental.
Plan A: Change the hotel reservation to one day later at Kaapalani and stay near the airport my first night, and pick up the car the next morning
Plan B: Take a taxi for $90 and fake it.
But what happened when I went to Amex, which is where I had booked the flight and hotel, is they showed three well-known rental agencies at OGG which were open till 11, and would wait for delayed flights. At about half the price of Avis. I'm not too keen on driving an unfamiliar car at night on unfamiliar roads, but it beats the alternatives. The advantage of waking up to an ocean...
So I'm set. I have the plane, hotel and car booked, as well as a dolphin boat tour and a luau. Anything else I can book from the hotel, but I mostly plan to hang out on various beaches.

The political ads are really flooding the place now. Some are actually informative. Most not so much. It is so much fun to see Meg Whitman looking as skeletal on Jerry Brown's negative ads as he looks on hers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make a stab at the DVD on Roxio

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