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Tuesday it was so cold and windy I installed the cat door into the sliding glass balcony doors, which had been open about as wide as the cat door panel. Good move, because it blocked 90% of the cold air and made a huge difference in keeping heat in the bedroom next door.

Wednesday night I came home to a crying Domino standing outside the front door. The cat door panel had been lying lengthwise on the balcony floor, effectively blocking the gap between the bottom of the balcony wall and the floor. It's not the first time Domino had fallen through, but it had been some time. So I gathered up some spare shelving and re-blocked that gap. We're good now. Tonight was mild after a 75° day, so it's warm upstairs again, but comfortable.
The car gets its 30k mile check-up tomorrow, so I grabbed a tall kitchen bag and went to empty out the paraphernalia which had accumulated over the last several months. I had no idea there were that many plastic water bottles. It actually took two bags, which I'll go through this weekend. Maybe 1/4 of the stuff is garbage, the rest are things like CDs, beach towels, gloves, bungee cords, etc.
No huge interruptions at work today, but most of the tests were of the "wait 5 minutes" variety and many took some setting up time. The two meetings I actually look forward to were canceled, so boo hiss.  Left on time for a change, parked at Starbucks and read until commuter lanes opened up. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  I think it's a forgery because there are no pictures. Or maybe Sir Terry actually wrote it (It's fairly clever in spots) while Gaiman sat in a corner with his coloring books.
There's a not-at-all-fine line between racism and and learning from experience, and I am about to cross over it, so  here goes:
Since I was laid off for the first time in 2001, every single technical recruiter who has contacted me about a job which my resume and online job site profiles have clearly said I was not qualified for and/or interested in has been from India, with an OTB Indian accent. Every. Single. One.

I am currently not loloking for contract jobs, and there is an auto-reply in place on the email account which is listed on my resume that says so. Today I got a phone call from a recruiter who had sent me email (and received the auto-reply) about a contract job. She is, of course, from India and speaks with a thick Indian accent.

I am going to add somewhere in my job site profile "If you are not qualified to run for President of the United States, I will not talk to you about job offers." But I need to come up with words to exempt people under 35. Working on it.

 Looking at the envelope my brother in law sent from Israel with the last insurance documents, and the stamp commemorates the invention of Voice Over IP.

Meg Whitman's latest hate mail showed someone who looks like Jerry Brown dressed for golf, the message being he is going to get rich off of his lavish government pension. What an idiot - Brown can only collect that pension if he loses the election, and besides, he's already rich off his father's pension.
Listened to the bottom of the 8th on the drive home tonight. Wow.
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