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Spring Fall Cleaning

This was the day to get all those pieces of computer gear which had been cluttering up the landings and hallways and computer room out of the way. And a big bag of outgrown clothes.

Plan A was to bring the clothes, a couple of pedestal fans and computers to Goodwill, and the rest to Best Buy. Went online to see what the policies were at both, and discovered that BB only takes three items per household per day. Goodwill said it takes working computers, but not peripherals or monitors. It takes fans and clothes. Looking at my rack of a thousand T-shirts, I decided to jettison all the swag T-shirts, most from companies I worked for, all at least two sizes too small for me. That filled up a whole large black outdoor trash bag, and freed up two 1' square cubes of rack space.

So, two scanners which were in the upstairs hallway and dad's old printer which had been partially blocking the downstairs landing went to BB. The clothes, two pedestal fans, my previous hand-built PC, Dad's computer and Mom's laptop went to Goodwill. I totally forgot about the VHS and DVD players and Sony A/V switcher/receiver which are on shelves in various closets. Maybe tomorrow I can get those to Goodwill. Dad's monitor and my HP wireless all-in-one can go to BB tomorrow I guess.

That only leaves a couple of bags of misc. circuit boards, wires and about a dozen assorted hard drives. And two piece-o-crap ASUS SATA DVD drives.

Home, spent some quality time with the cats. Sat in my recliner watching old episodes of Chuck with Domino grooming herself on the sofa next to me, and Pumpkin sacked out on my lap, upside-down. Watched the fish, the two baby jewel cichlids have come out of hiding, Mom & Dad still protect them some, but the big bad anacharis is now in the undergrowth hiding from them. They are now each bigger than he is. The babies are growing slowly, now about an inch long, and 3/4 inch high.  Also whipped out copies of the home movie DVDs (1-4 done so far) for the NY relatives who are in them.

Starbucks, with a stop at CVS for wallet windows which they no longer carry. They stopped carrying wallets, which I can understand, but windows? That's like not carrying vacuum cleaner bags because you don't carry vacuum cleaners.  Kept track of the World Series on the iPhone - Sports Tap is a great app. SF cardiologists are back in business, though it sounded like the Giants were never really in it, got behind 0-4 early and never broke out. Maybe the Halloween game will be better, what with Orange and Black being the colors of the day.

Home again, Edited reel 10, which is a stand-alone reel of our trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in NM, summer of 1964. Just about as soon as we got back Dad was laid off, and the remaining reels (11-15) are after April '65 when we were settled in Seattle.  I'll do the DVD of reel 10 tomorrow, no time tonight.
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