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Janice* and I have a tradition whenever we're both in town on Halloween to go see a movie, and avoid the trick or treaters. This time we went to dinner first, a Burmese/Chinese place in Palo Alto a couple of blocks from the Mountain View border called the Green Elephant. The food was outstanding. Huge portions, and delicious. The service was iffy, but only in minor ways - I had to ask for my rice and iced tea a couple of times. The waitresses were in costume, both women obviously Chinese, one looking very strange in a colorful Mexican skirt, white blouse and little South American hat. The other was in a more Asian costume, hard to describe. A black silk coat over a red and black dress.

The movie was Convicted, and all in all it was very good. Not my kind of movie, but very well written and directed, the cinematography ranged from good to Wow!, and my only complaint is they made sure not to cast anyone who was prettier than Hilary Swank. They made an exception for Minnie Driver, but the rest of the cast was amazingly unattractive. The plot was riveting, but there was one huge hole in it, they never showed what grudge the arresting officer had against the guy she arrested. For me this was critical, for Janice not so much. YMMV.  Worth matinée.

Earlier in the day, I was back on the computer editing home movie video, but just before I was about to burn disc 6 (Reels 11-12), I realized that the home movies of the north pole, which took up all of Reel 12, were taken in 1970, Reel 11 was the summer of 1965, and I was missing the beginning of 1965. Found that on Reel 13.  Looking closer, it seems Reel 11 was Dad's "Seattle Reel", and skipped around between 1965 and 1966, arranged geographically instead of chronologically.

Very odd. I always thought of Dad as a linear thinker, but I guess sometimes he drew his lines in a parallel universe.

Took three more items to Best Buy to recycle. The Sunday crew was not as AR as Saturday's had been. Dad's monitor, my leaky Epson printer and the major FAIL HP wireless all-in-one were the victims there. Then to Goodwill with two more fans, a VCR, two DVD players, a pre-HD TiVo and a pre-HDMI home theater switch/receiver.

That's all the big stuff taken care of. I still have a pile of hard drives to get rid of, including four external drives, two sort of working and two not.

After the movie and watching the Channel 2 wrap-up of the World Series/49ers/Raiders games, I made a Home Movies: Arctic Edition DVD, and started on the reel 13-11 project, which will take a few hours yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Import Janice's camcorder tapes (she took a friend from Fiji to Yosemite and Disneyland)

*Janice is a long-time pal; movie, coffee, bicycling and dim sum buddy. Nothing romantic.

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