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Daina** (pronounced Die-nah) is sitting in the next room while I'm in bed. I was telling her that I don't feel connected to my relatives, they are all so far away. She says she has a USB cable for that, she can connect me to the Maslans with it. I see her hold up a white cable which has a USB connector on one end, but two wires. I can see this even though there is a wall between the two rooms. I tell her the Maslans are not relatives, they are friends from school and folkdancing. And they are more my big sister's friends anyway. The "oh" which comes from the next room is from Linda. Daina has become Linda**.

*IRL Daina is a superbly talented soprano who has auditioned for many of the same shows as me, and we have both seen each other in a few shows but have never been in one together.  As far as I know she does not know who the Maslans are.  Linda is a one-time lover from Seattle who looks a bit like Daina, and knows the Maslans well.
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