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Caveat Entreprenuer

Nice day at work, found two show-stopper bugs and got to watch a couple of items all the way through. Ondine, a kind of twisty silkie tale, which I'd chosen because the reviews said it had super cinematography. It didn't. It was average, but nothing nearly as good as Princess of Mars or Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls. Yeah, there are several movies which are total crap except for superb technical production values. Also watched an episode from Season 1 of Lie To Me. One called "Blinded". I have two problems with this series: Lightman should have a Brooklyn accent, not whatever British Empire one he has, and they go over the top with the blood and gore and shock effects. And violence too, sometimes. This one was 20 minutes of plot packed into a 43-minute package. Usually there are two plots going at once, but this only had the one.

Took an hour off to go back to The Car Stereo Company and have the Alpine system removed. The proprietor would not give me a refund - he claimed that he had spent the money ordering another brand for me - one which I had not asked him for and did not want - and that he was broke after payroll. I don't buy it for a minute, but AMEX says he has 10 days to issue the credit so I'll cut him that much slack.  The man has obviously gotten by on his likability and acting skills, but after selling me a piece of crap followed by a unit which did not do what he claimed it would, I'm done. The unit he was going to replace it with was, of course, more expensive.

After I am back from vacation I'll do some research and find the right unit for the car. Maybe this one.

I'm packed, except for the stuff which has to wait till morning. And most of that is staged.  Just taking a carry-on, I plan to buy any extra clothes there, and mail them back. Cheaper than the $50 baggage fee.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change the litterboxes
Take out the garbage
Fill the cats' food & water dispensers
Finish packing
Catch my ride to the airport
Fly to LAX and then Maui

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