Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday, Shortly

Back at work, there was plenty to do. Told the boss I won't be taking any more time off this month, will work the Turkey Day holiday. Will probably also work Christmas, if I'm still employed.

Watched some MNF, mostly with the sound off. In theory, a coach, a QB and a wanna-be ought to be a good commentator team, but the last 10 minutes were spent ignoring the game on the field and talking about the Vikings.

Sat down at the computer, removed all the Maui photos from Flickr, fired up Adobe Bridge and built web galleries for each event last week, and uploaded that to howeird.com/gallery. Web resolution pix, which means there's room to put all of them up. Later in the week I'll pick the best photos and put them on Flickr, and maybe my howeird page on FB too.

Updated the iPhone to the latest software.

Upgraded Quicken 2009 to 2010 because B of A stopped downloading my Visa card to Quicken, and the message on their site said it needed 2010 or later. 2011 doesn't work with my check printing software. After the update, B of A still choked.

Time for bed.

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