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On the the Next Project....

Finished doing everything I wanted to do with my Maui photos. Pared down the offering on Flickr, and reorganized somewhat too. M y camera's GPS got flooded early in the trip, but I was able to put most of the photos on the map somewhere near where they were taken. You can find them here.
Obligatory teaser shots

Next up is to slurp the contents of three DV tapes and make them into DVDs. These are from a trip my friend Janice took as she played tour guide for a long-time friend, a native of Fiji who had never been out of her country before. She rarely even got out of her village. Thanks to US State Dept. stupidity it took her 5 years to get a visa. 

Also will start getting back into model photography.

Work today was mostly boring. Frustrating too. Had a couple of my bugs bounced back. One because someone changed the wireless router security code, and another because the manufacturer put in a separate config menu which they had not mentioned. Today's blu-ray player has a serious memory leak problem, it has to be unplugged every few hours or it gets real sluggish.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe start the next project
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