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Was almost late for work because as I headed out the door Just In Time™, I saw the note on the whiteboard that I need to go to the PO and pick up my vacation hold mail. Which I did. Got to work right on time.

Work today was a lot of time taking video of intermittent artifacts, which was time consuming but needed to be done. The tough one was where I had to play a few minutes of one movie, then half an hour of a second movie, and then hit the rewind button. The bug was that a single frame of the first movie would flash on the screen and then disappear. Hard to see, harder to capture because it only happened once in 20 tries.

Ended the day with a series of dead boring license protection tests, each of which takes 5-10 minutes to set up and 10 seconds to run.

Needed to buy litterbox refills at Pet Club (PetCo and PetSmart carry the fine crystal kind which only lasts a week in wet weather) but did not want to fight for parking at the MtnView store, which shares a lot with Costco, and this being Turkey Day Eve and all. So I drove out to Blossom Hill Rd in S SJ, where there was plenty of parking. It's also a bigger store and much better arranged and managed. Also picked up a male betta to replace the one that got eaten a month or so ago.

Which meant going straight home, as it was about 45° out. Plan A had been to pick up an item at BestBoy which I'd ordered online. Will do that Saturday.

Downloaded the first of three tapes for Janice, the second one is downloading now, and it seems that she put the camcorder in her bag without turning it off. Lots of crowd noise (it's Great America) but totally blank video. The first tape was good quality, but I had to turn off the audio because she was talking baby talk all the way through it. Long story, I won't get into it here.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (boss was happy to have the contractors come in because there is a ton of work to do).
 Put Janice's video on DVD, or at least make a start.
Order a duck to go from a local Chinese place

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