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Boring Chores Day

Started the day as an impulse shopper. I had suggested a TV to a friend, she emailed that she'd ordered it. I decided I wanted one too, and also got a blu-ray player and 802.11 N wi-fi adapter.  The TV and player were basically half price, free shipping.

Went out in the rain and changed the litterboxes. The litterboxes are under the balcony overhang, but the other half of the balcony I have to stand in to change them was being gently rained upon.

Collected the garbage bags from all the containers in the apartment, including the shredder, and hauled them out to the dumpster along with the kitty litter. And found a challenge. Since the beginning of the month PG&E has been doing major construction on a pipeline interchange which is accessed through a gate at the back of our parking lot. Across from the dumpsters. This has apparently prevented any garbage collection for about a month. Must talk to the landlord about this.

Got the laundry into the car, looked at the time (1:38 PM) and went for a haircut. The theory being that if I did the laundry first, the haircut place would be closed. Got a haircut, then did the laundry.  While I was waiting for things to dry, I punched up the UW-Cal game in Sports Tap on the iPhone, and it was tied 10-10 in the 4th quarter. Big surprise, I thought the Huskies were going to get pounded. As I looked it was 13-10 Cal.

So I downloaded a radio app, tuned into KGO and listened to the end of the game, which was a total nail-biter. UW 1st and goal at the 6, 5, 1, almost fumbled, and with 1 second left on the clock ran a play and scored a touchdown. 16-13 Huskies. Amazing. The win kept them in as a possible bowl team, and made Cal not an automatic invitee. Sorta kicking myself because I could have gone to the game and sat in with the UW band, but it was cold and wet and a long drive, and I had laundry to do...

Packed the laundry into the trunk, went to Denny's for a late breakfast (okay it was 4 pm but pancakes and eggs look like breakfast to me).

Home, where the first of two DVDs had finished burning. Did the 2nd one, printed them both and dashed off a note to their owner.

There's more football to watch.
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