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Booked, and Posted

Thanks to lemmozine reminding me, I booked my train ticket and hotel room for Conflikt and added a brunch ticket to my registration. The hotel booked online without the con rate was  $369 compare to $396 con rate. This happened with Holiday Inn the last two years as well - the con rate was a few dollars more than the online pay-in-advance rate. The Amtrak fare was also funky - my sleeper compartment cost $52 more for the return trip than for the trip up.

Conflikt last year was mostly spent at the nursing home a few miles away with my parents. My mother passed away about a month later, and I thought my father would move back to the seniors apartment downtown, which meant any trip to Seattle would have me staying in the city, not by the airport. And Conflikt was moving from Renton, very close to the nursing home, to Seatac, about 5 miles away via the worst stretch of freeway on the planet. There is no feasible public transportation from Seatac to Seward Park. My father passed away last summer, we had a graveside memorial for both parents in late October, and that was the point when I was planning to revisit Conflikt, but my birthday trip to Maui took up the pocket of my brain devoted to travel until now.

In other news, I had already booked the train to Worldcon in Reno next summer, and signed up for a display of my photos in the art show. This week they called for bios, head shots and sample art from all the artists, and I emailed those last night. They should be here: clicky.
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