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The final piece of the way too expensive car audio upgrade arrived today, made an appointment to have it installed in the morning. Well, they will start in the morning but it's going to take all day. Meanwhile, bigger better TV is due to be delivered Monday. Not sure what time, I expect a call from the shipper Monday morning.

Work today was relatively easy, I was given a blu-ray player which mostly behaved itself. Every now and then it would decide to just quit, and it took forever to display the streaming media apps, but it passed all the tests I ran on it. The player had been another team's assignment, but one of the team members had a family emergency and was on a plane to India this morning. My team had finished our last unit a day early, so we filled in the missing person's assignments.

After work went to Pete's, which as usual was sparsely occupied. Tried a latte. It gave me coughing fits. I am not a conner sewer of fine coffee, but this stuff is gross. They have better pastries than Starbucks,  though. But they also don't heat the place in the winter, so that'll be my last go.

Home, confirmed that lemmozine's little corner of my web site is up and running and ready for his eBay scans.

Let the cats out the front door, whcih I usually don't do. Usually crack open the patio door a few inches and leave it open till they come back inside, but it's gotten too cold to do that. Completely forgot they were outside for about 3 hours. Wondered why they didn't come running for their evening treats, then remembered. Domino was outside the front door but Pumpkin was curled up on a padded chair on the patio.

Signed up for a photo shoot Sunday. I don't like the studio as well as last week's but like the hosts a lot more. Though I have to say last week's hosts have shaped up a lot, and mostly cured their paparazzi problem.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car audio installation
Get together with Janice to finalize the Fiji visitor's DVD
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