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I'm at an amusement park, it is toward the end of the day and I am rushing to get to a ride. It's a very long walk along a fence to get to the line, but there are only a few people heading in that direction. It's a water ride - a kind of roller coaster which splashes through water. Earlier that day there had been a championship football game and the 49ers had lost. As I enter the locker room for the ride, the quarterback is leaving, he hands me his jersey, totally disgusted with his performance. Then he hands me another jersey and says "Take Joe Montana's too". The jerseys are soaking wet (from the ride). The attendant says "They gave you their game shirts! Those are pretty valuable." I know, and I'm looking for a washer/dryer in the locker room, but no luck. I am in a slight panic, knowing if I leave the shirts in the room they will be stolen. Just a few men are in there, changing, all of them barefoot. The floor is wet, about a half inch of water in places.  I go out to where you get onto the ride, notice I still have my socks on. They are soaked. I go back into the locker room, the wet jerseys still bundled in my arms, take off my socks and look for a bag of some kind to put the wet clothes in.   All the bags are on a set of shelves - the kind of shelves people keep in the garage to store paint and stuff,  the bags are all people's personal gym bags, most have locks on them. There are no actual lockers in the locker room.

I go back out to the ride, somehow the jerseys are now in a box, the kind which hotel laundry services put socks and underwear in. I am in time for the last ride of the day.

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