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As Planned, Mostly

My plan had been to get to Best Buy at 11, leave the car to have the new deck installed (one unit with an HD radio, iPod connection, Garmin GPS, bluetooth hands-free phone connection), call Janice and we would go over to her place and watch the DVD I'd made of her Fiji guest's trip, where I would take notes and come home later and edit.

Got the Best Buy at 10:30, which was fine with the installer. Called Janice, her plan was to do the editing at my place at 1:30, and then bring me back to BB. I went to the nearby Starbucks, hoping to camp out till 1:30, but after 20 minutes of the place being packed and drafty and noisy, I walked home. The rain had stopped by then and it wasn't terribly cold.

Took half an hour, felt like twice that. 

Watched some football, Oregon-Oregon State, and was surprised how poorly the Ducks played. They just barely won.

Janice came over, we did the edits on the original video, and pared the 2-DVD set down to one. Major win.  She dropped me off at the BB shopping center where I went to the Hawaiian place for a late lunch, but only got halfway through before the installer called to say he was done.

So I packed the leftovers into my day pack and walked over there, collected the car and went to Walmart for a few items, then home. Read the instruction manual while watching the Huskies in a nail-biter slip past the Cougars. That's two cardiology games in two weeks. The announcers think this will get them into a bowl game in San Diego, but I doubt it. They looked awful, and tried several times to give the game away. Any team from another conference with a similar record will probably eat them for lunch. But they still have the best band around. Love the purple & gold ski caps they added to the uniform.

Cranked out a DVD, decided it needed transitions, so re-edited the video and tried again. Much better.

Watched some of the USC-UCLA game, nice to see Neuheisel hasn't learned how to coach yet. UCLA's band seems to have gone downhill a bit. It's hard to tell with USC, during the game they just play this boring drone, but this is the school Hollywood gets most of its local musicians from, and the few times I have heard them in a half-time show they were spectacular. But it's been a while.

Dinner was the left-over Hawaiian meal. BBQ mixed plate, yummy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot at 11
Watch some football.
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