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Too Much Rain

It rained a lot today, but the big downpour waited till the photo shoot was over and I was in Fry's parking lot. It was coming down like an Oregon Coast storm.

Photo shoot was so-so. It was a workshop on lighting nudes, and there was the right number of photogs for the space, but as often happens there was one European guy who just couldn't wait his turn, and had to be hands-on with everything. Typical, he had much more expensive equipment than he knew how to use. And he took way too long to set up for way too few shots. It always seems to be the Teutonic people.

I'm a bit disappointed in the photos I took, the model did not look like she had a bad complexion while I was taking the pictures, but it shows on most of the close-ups. Since they are mostly nudes, the main set on Flickr is viewable by friends only. If you want to see them and can't, just send me a message on Flickr and I'll add you. how3ird.

Here's one that's work safe:

Small world x2: The makeup artist is a friend of one of the makeup artists we had for Babes in Toyland. While I was waiting my turn to shoot, someone asked me to show them the iPhone Flickr app, and just for grins I punched up the latest from someone I had worked with at Motorola who also goes to group shoots, and the first photo up was the same model we were shooting. I showed her the picture and she pointed out that the Santa hat had been Photoshopped on.

The trip to Fry's was to get a microSD chip and reader, so I can load my address book from my previous GPS to the new one. Will try that tomorrow morning.

Watched some of the Sunday Night Football game, it was not very exciting so I turned it off and went upstairs to massage photos. I turned it on toward the end on the upstairs TV, and it looks like it got exciting in the final seconds, but I wasn't interested,

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether the shipping company calls. 42" TV which needs me to be home to sign for.  If they call early, I'll wait for it at home. Otherwise I'll go to work as usual and we'll have to figure it out when they call. May go to BASFA if the delivery (a) doesn't happen or (b) happens in the morning.

Edit add: Looked on the shipper's web site, they have delivery set for Wednesday evening. Dell's web site FAIL again.
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