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I have been sent to a clinic to stop a doctor from performing an unnecessary surgery. He calls the procedure "manga", and it starts with the patient fully clothed, wearing a green apron, like a grocer's apron. When  I walk in he his spraying her with water from a plant mister, wetting the front of the apron completely. When he turns away to go to a counter with scalpels and other assorted small medical gear, I grab her hand and pull her out of the room, running with her down the hallway. As we run I ask her what she was going to be operated for,  she said she did not know, she felt perfectly healthy.   I watch her run out of the building, while I stand at the door. She is still running when I wake up.

I am sitting on a padded stool in the clinic's exam room. A doctor is spraying me with water from a plant mister. I am wearing a green grocer's apron, and he is soaking it completely. I must have been drugged, because I am just coming out of a stupor. I say something like "WTF"? and a nurse out of my field of vision  says "manga surgery". I wake up.

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