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Finished The Companions by Sherri S. Tepper, on Kindle. She outdid herself on complexity, by the end of the book there were a lot of sentient races, insectoid, canineoid, gateroid, humanoid, plantoid and eeeewwww-oid. Planet Earth is a glom of high rise tenements, thanks to a law of return which said all humans who went to colonize other planets could retire on Earth. The complicated plot focuses mostly on a very clever Earth girl who is bent on saving the dogs by bringing them on "ark" ships to new colonies. Lots of things get in the way, including the machinations of the various "oids", warps in time-space, the galaxy's worst mother-in-law and  a planetary mind.

All in all a good read, but too busy in spots and much of the alien character development is lost in the final confusion.

Started reading George R. Stewart's  Earth Abides, which is the upcoming Potlatch book of interest. I remember reading it in high school, probably because there was a choice between it and that Rachel Carson blather which my big sister was in love with. I'm finding the book more stilted than I remember. I'll keep plugging away at it though. I probably will not make it to Potlatch this year, I have a previous commitment to help out on crew for a community theater show that weekend.
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